"Thank you once again for your enlightening lectures on medical halacha. Your warmth and enthusiasm for Torah study are a joy to behold. May Hashem grant you much success in all your endeavors. I look forward to your reports and your next visit to New York."

Steven C. Tawil M.D. New York

"I can truly say that the reality exceeded any expectation I could have dreamed of. The information and concepts that I learned were in great measure due to your knowledge, wisdom and patience as you guided me through the relevant sugyos. [topics of Gemara study] . Your skill made it interesting and stimulating. Thank you."

David B. Simons M.D., FAAFP New York

"Thank you for the work you do and for the opportunity to learn Torah in Jerusalem. I enjoyed your entire program and look forward to the second annual Yarchei Kalla. Your type of work in halacha is so sincerely needed by the medical community, Jewish community and world at large."

Martin A. Grossman M.D., P.C. New York

"For me personally, the Jerusalem Center for Research has been a tremendous source of inspiration on learning how to combine professional and scholarly activities with halachically based religious adherence. I believe that the lessons learned from participation at the Center also have much broader applications for biomedical ethics questions in all communities."

Professor Karl Skorecki
Director, Nephrology and Molecular Medicine
Rambam Medical Center, Haifa

"I have found Rabbi Weiner's analysis of sensitive medical issues with complex halachic and moral repercussions to be incisive. He probes and analyzes the issues involved, combining an authoritative Torah perspective with state-of-the-art research and knowledge of contemporary medical and scientific considerations.

My thinking in the role of medical ethicist has become more focused and sensitized through my contact with the work of Rabbi Weiner and the Center."

Lauren Weissman, JD
Mediator, Corporate Counselor
Member, American Bar Association and Beverly Hills Bar Association
Member, California State Bio-Ethics Committee

"The Jerusalem Center for Research, under the guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Weiner, has rekindled tremendous interest among professionals of the caring professions whose daily decisions present profound moral dilemmas. Rabbi Weiner's incisive analysis springs from a cogent and structured system of thought - the Torah."

Professor Malka Zacharowicz,
Professor of Psychology
Touro College, New York

This is truly a "Research Center" and Rabbi Weiner and his colleagues obtain worldwide input by providing advice and formulating their important solutions. Over the years Rabbi Weiner has contributed many thought-provoking and informative papers to the Israeli medical journal Harefuah.

The Jerusalem Center is instrumental in creating instructive and fruitful religious-secular dialogue concerning crucial issues of contemporary medical ethics.
Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld
Head, Department of Internal Medicine B
Research Unit of Autoimmune Diseases
Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer


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